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Date(s) - Aug/Thu/2014 - Aug/Wed/2014


Trout Lily Farm


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2014 Permaculture Design Certificate Course

  Permaculture Design Certificate Course  – Farm and Homestead Design

Earn your internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification during this 13 day residential course that integrates real-world design, homestead skill building and deep nature connection.

Problems abound.  This is clear.  Agriculture systems are causing more harm than good;  stripping the earth of topsoil, creating pollution and declaring war on Hands-on permaculture design courseecology.  There is a lack of unity among people and this impedes our ability to regenerate land and heal our communities.  Resources become more scarce, while overconsumption is the norm.  Many people feel isolated, disconnected and unhealthy.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the bad news, to feel like nothing you do can change the current trajectory of the world.

We used to feel helpless too, but not any more.  We have discovered that there are solutions.You can contribute to this positive change and the time is now.
We need to change our inner landscapes.  The culture of our minds.  We need vision. We need a positive, solution focused mindset.   We need to be inspired and we need to take action.  We need to regenerate and heal our landscapes, our personal lives, our relationship with nature and our culture & communities.  We need resiliency training.  We need to learn how to connect with nature so we may learn how to mimic it in the design of our present and future.  That’s what this course is all about.

Permaculture Course students visiting another site.Permaculture is a design approach that uses ecological principles to create regenerative human communities that are harmoniously woven into the environment and that have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.  You will learn how to think like a designer, creating a web of connections.  This course is for gardeners/farmers, educators, environmentalists, urban planners, architects, homesteaders, foresters, reclamation specialists, landscapers, landscape designers, anthropologists, home/land owners, ranchers, urban planners, landscape architects, mothers, community organizers, and more.

Permaculture is based in the ethics of people care, earth care and a fair distribution of resources.  These core ethics transcend cultural, political and religious divisions and act as a unifying force.  People in the permaculture garden with PDC studentsall over the world are putting permaculture into practice with amazing results.  Even small changes in your own backyard can make a difference.

Will you join us?

For 13 days you will be immersing yourself in an intensive, educational retreat.  Take time out of your life to stay on a beautiful farm along the Appalachian Trail, learning tools, guiding principles, and strategies to create lush productive landscapes, reduce your energy use, and create more stability and security for you and your loved ones.  You will create a village, and find community with a group of caring individuals sharing the knowledge and enthusiasm that come from joining forces and focusing on solutions.  All levels are welcome.  Whether you are new to these ideas and wondering where this path will take you or if you have been in an a related field and need new inspiration.

Now is the time to take action to benefit ourselves and future generations.  Yes, the earth is beset with problems, YOU ARE THE SOLUTION!

You will benefit from this course by leaving with an in-depth understanding of...

Permaculture Principles & Ethics How to Read the Landscape Patterns & Pattern Application Water Harvesting Swale Building Rainwater Catchment Zone and Sector Analysis Climate and Micro Climate Mapping Land Access Community Building Plant Guilds, Food Forests & Agroforestry The Ecological Design Process, Principles, Strategies and Techniques Soil building Synergistic Gardening Pond Management & Ecology Earthworks Natural Building Grey Water Systems Bio-remediation Renewable Energy Systems Forest Management Watershed Management Growing Mushrooms Animal Systems The Business of Permaculture Ferment and Human Nutrition Homesteading Skills Farm Practices Propagation Techniques Natural Building  Appropriate Technology and More

Our program contains the internationally recognized 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course curriculum, but we are ready to give you even more value.  You will receive all of the benefits of attending a typical PDC, but you will also get…

→Over 100+ hours of instruction;  live stream talks, lectures, slideshows, site tours, exercises, games, facilitated group discussions and more.
→Field trips to sites incorporating permaculture practices.
→Hands-on skill building classes with practical exercises and implementations.
→An opportunity to learn from professional designers, farmers, homesteaders & community organizers that are actively putting the design process to work, not just teaching about it.
→In depth study and utilization of the Ecological Design Process.  Most Permaculture Design Courses do not teach the Ecological Design Process.  This professional process will give you a step by step approach to applying the principles of permaculture.  Knowing this process will give you greater confidence to move forward with a design.  You will be taught how to create holistic goals, read the landscape and use the scale of permanence to organize data and develop a design to meet those goals. Time to work in teams to experience the design process from beginning to end, presenting to the rest of the class at the conclusion of this course.
→A class entitled, Graphic Tools for Permaculture Design Drawings.  Skills to be acquired: Plan graphic methods for representing: landform and topography, rock, water, vegetation, structures, roads and pathways, general use areas, property/utility lines and other linear representations, abstract diagrammatic methods for site analysis, labeling systems, title block, use of scale. A personal set of tools to be provided as part of overall fees) will include: lead and color pencils, felt tip black pens and markers. Other tools will be demonstrated.
→Plenty of time for questions, discussions, and individualized attention from the instructors to dive deeper into a topic or discuss personal projects you are working on.
→Teaching that is catered to all levels of experience.  Beginning students will find the course gives them a comprehensive understanding of permaculture and how to apply it and the inspiration and resources to take it further, while  advanced permaculture students and certificate holders come away with a more in depth understanding of the ecological design process, deep nature connection, advanced strategies, and more.
→A curriculum that is designed as an ecosystem, in and of, itself.  We incorporate the scale of permanence to organize class schedules.  The 8 Shields model dictates our daily rhythms.  We integrate different learning modalities to appeal to the different types of learners. Design practice throughout the whole course, rather than just at the end, to build skills and confidence as well as learn to cooperate in teams.
→Introduced to complimentary practices, such as Holistic Management, whole farm planning, Keyline and Broadscale Design and the 8 Shields Model.
→Nature Connection – Time for the core routines of deep nature connection as taught in Jon Young’s work in the Art of Mentoring.
→People Connection – social gatherings in the evenings with story and music.
→Full immersion for 13 days.  We have found that shorter PDC’s leave the students short changed.  We like to take our time covering the material, with plenty of time for hand-on activities, group process and design, community building and fun.  We have also found that some down time facilitates a better learning environment.
→Fully catered meals so you may focus on your time on course activities.
→Camping facilities on a beautiful mountain farm
→A complimentary Spiral Ridge Permaculture T-shirt at graduation
→Discounts on future courses and the possibility of earning  credit or cash by referring others to our future PDC’s.

“First let me say just how much I still appreciate the learning experience y’all gave me. I’m still glowing over a month later! Before I attended the course, I already knew permaculture was my passion. But your course inspired me and motivated me even more.” – Jason Hurd

Permaculture Design Course Certificate Instructors include:

IMG_2941Lead instructors, Cliff Davis and Jennifer Albanese, co-own Spiral Ridge Permaculture, a family run education company specializing in permaculture, regenerative farming and nature connection.  They also own New Agrarian Design, a full scale design firm offering services in the same specialities.  They developed these business’ out of their passion to; address cultural and ecological issues that demand real and lasting solutions and encourage more people to homestead and help save family farms by making them more ecological and productive.  They have over 26 years of combined experience studying and applying permaculture in temperate, tropical/subtropical and dry land climates.

Cliff  has vast experience in the fields of permaculture, food forestry, organics, appropriate technology, natural building, deep nature connection and regenerative agriculture, that allow him to offer an integrative approach to land and culture repair.  He empowers others to take a hands-on approach to design in his regular and advanced course offerings. His humor, straight-forward style and determination to make positive change, make him an engaging instructor, consultant and designer.    Cliff is the main instructor and curriculum developer for this course.   Experience matters.  For a detailed look at his experience, training & mentors and a list of courses that he has taught, check out his resume.

Jennifer has been an organic gardening student and practitioner for over 14 years.  She has a special interest in soil regeneration and re-mineralization to create ecosystem health and nutrient dense food.  She runs a small nursery and market garden on an off-grid homestead in Tennessee with Cliff and her family.  She has a passion for local in-season, nose-to-tail cooking, ferments and traditional foods.  Jennifer worked as a midwife’s apprentice, and birth mentor/doula for many years before running Spiral Ridge full time.  She home schools three children, and mentors others in nature connection, permaculture and gardening at The Farm School and with her local homeschool co-op.

IMG_6518Jessie SmithThe Nectary Project – An environmental educator and event planner, Jessie Smith, founder of The Nectary Project, uses the principles of permaculture to create learning experiences which closely mimics natural learning. With more than 15 years experience working with children, non-profit organizations, and educational facilities, she happily brings her experience to central Tennessee to provide life-changing courses that empowers people to positively alter our future for generations. A former camp councilor and camp director, you can still find her connecting children with real food and nutrition as a teacher with The Farm School.

Apple Harvest, Fall 2013Phillip Kendall is a Certified Health Coach, writer and herbalist.  He has over 5 years experience in organic farming, including agroforestry and broad-acre land management.  He oversees the management and stewardship of his family’s B&B and experiential learning farm in Western NC, raising ducks and chickens, cultivating and abundance of fruits & vegetables, and honing his skills as a Biodynamic beekeeper.  His passion lies in nourishing others through conscious connection and integrating the intention to create a more bountiful and harmonious world.


Andrew Goodheart Brown – Permaculture teacher, consultant and practitioner (internationally and nationally); International consultant for small scale agricultural projects; Endangered Species Observer; Field Biologist and Naturalist; Urban Orchardist (Consultant for Home Orchards); Organic gardener and home orchardist; Member of Southern Highland Craft Guild (Broom Maker); Natural Foods teacher and chef; Artisanal bread baker and fermenter; Bee-keeper…

Final Designs during Spiral Ridge permaculture courseDavid Kendall – Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, BS Agriculture – David is an experienced (40+years) designer and professional landscape architect as university professor, private practitioner and government contractor service.  Quick and easy effective hand-drawn graphics have always been his preferred method of communicating design solutions.

Jason Hurd – Jason served 10 years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic, deploying to central Baghdad in 2004.  Today, he organizes extensively around issues of war, poverty, food justice and healing.  Jason emphasizes healing ourselves and our communities through deep nature connection, regenerative practices and whole systems design.

Where will I stay?  What will I eat?

Central Gardens & Orchards, Trout Lily FarmThis course is held at Trout Lilly Farm.    Rustic camping is available and included in the  cost of the course.  If you need more comfortable living quarters you can stay at nearby Kana’ti Lodge.  It is owned by the same folks.


Kana’ti Lodge Accommodations:
There are several common areas in which to read, rest & connect throughout the lodge, including chairs, couches, and a wrap-around
porch, that are available to all guests & attendants during the PDC.



Free – Camping Accommodations:

  • Designated flat to semi-flat areas for tent-camping located throughout Trout Lily Farm.
  • Access to farm bathroom facilities, including regular toilet & shower and composting toilet & solar hot-water shower.
  •  Access to fire circles, indoor & outdoor classroom spaces & on-site practicum, and dining areas.

3 rooms available for rent @ the following prices:

  • Each room has it’s own bathroom & private porch
  • One of the rooms can accommodate 4 people
  • A full 13-night stay includes ONE room turn-over during the half-way point of the PDC. * Extra turn-over fee: $25/each time

Single OccupancyUpstairs room, Kana'ti Lodge
Base Rate: $70 x 13 nights = $910
PDC Rate: @ 30% off of $70 x 13 nights = $640
Double Occupancy
Base Rate: $100 x 13 nights = $1,300
PDC Rate: @ 30% off of $100 x 13 nights = $910
Triple Occupancy
Base Rate: $130 x 13 nights = $1,690
PDC Rate: @ 30% off of $91 x 13 nights = $1,190

Tree House Accommodations:  Off-grid cabin with small backpacker kitchen area and covered porch
privately located in the forest-campground area above Kana’ti Lodge.

  • Access to toilet, shower & wash facilities at Kana’ti Lodge.
  •  Space for sleeping 4 people @ the following rate: $20 per person x 13 nights = $260


2013-06-04_13-58-42_956We believe you should be well nourished during your stay so that you may fully participate.  For that reason, when you sign up for our course, we will provide three nutrient-dense and delicious, omnivorous meals a day.  As much as possible, the food is sourced locally and is organic.  We include vegetables from Trout Lilly Farm, local pastured meats, probiotic rich fermented foods and we only use butter, olive oil, coconut oil in our food.  No over processed, GMO laden junk.  We aim to embody the principles we teach about on every level.  Vegetarian?  Gluten Free?  No problem!  Let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate you.  If you have a very restrictive diet, you may need to bring some of your own food.

“OMG, the food was fantastic.  I am still waiting for the cookbook.” – course participant


You will leave this course with a certificate, but, more importantly you will be inspired, full of knowledge & resources, and more confident & skilled as you take your next steps toward creating the life you want.

“For anyone thinking about going to a course at Spiral Ridge, DO IT! I just took my PDC there and it was by far the experience and education of a lifetime. Cliff, Jenn, and the rest of the crew are the salt of the earth and true practitioners of all angles of this craft. Trust me…. DO IT… you will not regret it…” – Matt Fleener

To hear even more reviews of our courses, check out our testimonials page.

Tuition:    $1675

Sign up now. We limit class size to give you more personal attention and time for questions and discussions.  Group rates for 3 or more signing up together…so tell your friends!

Minimum $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.  Please see our cancellation policy.  Use the form below and pay via paypal, or by sending a check or money order to:

Spiral Ridge Permaculture

444 Walker Rd.

Summertown, TN 38483

If you have any questions at all, shoot us an email at info@spiralridgepermaculture.com


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