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Agroforestry Workshop – Forestry Inspired Agricultural Systems

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Date(s) - Oct/Mon/2016 - Oct/Wed/2016


Spiral Ridge Permaculture


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Agroforestry Workshop - Forestry Inspired Agricultural Systems

Agroforestry – Forestry Inspired Agricultural Systems

October 17-`19, 2016

Come learn the basics of agroforestry as they are applied to a small scale farming system.  Agroforestry practices are considered to be the best way to transition our degenerative agricultural model into a regenerative model.   We will cover theory, application, strategies and techniques as we learn in a living laboratory as Spiral Ridge.   Live webinar with Eric Toensmeier.

Agroforesty promises to:

  • Sequester Carbon
  • Conserve Natural Resources
  • Increase Biodiversity
  • Build Topsoil
  • Mitigate Drought
  • Increase Production
  • Model Natural Systems
  • Create a just and sustainable food system
  • Expand your marketsAgroforestry at Spiral Ridge
In this 3 day class you will learn the following…
Intro to Agroforestry
Why Agroforestry?
The Practices of Agroforestry: Forest Gardening, Silvopasture, Alley Cropping, Windbreaks, Riparian Buffer Zones, Forest Farming, Bamboo agroforestry and various hybrid systems.
Forest Ecology
Ecological Services of Agroforestry
Ecological Aspects of AgroForestry (Plants, Soils, Animals)
Educational Tour
Tour a developing small scale integrated agroforestry system.  Find out the secrets of success and the lessons learned. Explore the edge of wild and domestication.  Envision how you can create these abundant systems on your own land.  Find out how to create your own permaculture nursery.
Agroforestry at Spiral Ridge Permacultureearthday images
Practicums on…
Site Prep
Planting an edible hedge
Cover crops applications
Tree Pruning
Coppicing black locust for an Apple preservation orchard
Animal rotations through agroforestry systems
Fencing systems
Design practicums on species selection for:
Tree Crops
Introduction to Carbon Farming Webinar
Live webinar with Eric Toensmeier,  the award-winning  author of Paradise Lot and Perennial Vegetables, and the co-author of Edible Forest Gardens.  His newest book is Carbon Farming: a Global Toolkit for Stabilizing the Climate with Tree Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices.
Spiral Ridge Permaculture Teacher Cliff DavisCliff  has vast experience in the fields of permaculture, food forestry, organics, appropriate technology, natural building, deep nature connection and regenerative agriculture, that allow him to offer an integrative approach to land and culture repair.  He empowers others to take a hands-on approach to design in his regular and advanced course offerings. His humor, straight-forward style and determination to make positive change, make him an engaging instructor, consultant and designer.   He has taught over 40 courses, and has taken over 20 professional development courses. As a professional designer, he has worked for farms, intentional communities, school campuses and homesteaders.  Cliff is the main instructor and curriculum developer for this course. He received his permaculture certificate in 2004 from the International Institute of Ecological Agriculture and his teacher training certificate from Dave Jacke. He later went on to co-teach the teacher training course, with Jacke.  He has co-taught Dave Jacke’s 9 day forest gardening intensive, worked as a tree care specialist and has designed agroforestry systems for clients, giving him varied experience in this field.  For a detailed look at his experience, training & mentors as well as a list of courses that he has taught, check out his full resume.

Course Details:  Course venue is Spiral Ridge Permaculture.  Includes lunch and dinner Saturday and breakfast and lunch Sunday.  Free camping Saturday night.  Please see Course FAQ’s page for more info. on venue, food and cancellation policy.  If you are local and do not need meals or camping, write us for a reduced cost.

This course is part of our Agro-Ecosystems series of courses that can be taken individually,as a complete set or with mix and match savings.  The more classes you take, the bigger the savings.  For details on the individual classes, click the links below.  For information on the whole series or mix & match deals, including prices and registration, click Agro-Ecosystems.

This Series Includes:

Regenerative Permaculture Earthworks – October 12-14, 2016 $360
Mushrooms, Molds, and Mycorrhizae with Tradd Cotter – October 15-16, 2016 $250
AgroforestryWorkshop – October 17-19 $360


How to Register for Agroforestry Course (to register for more than one class in the series, go to Agro-Ecosystems)

Please read the directions below carefully.

  • Minimum $150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.
  • We prefer final payments be made via personal check or money order sent to the address below or we can send you a Paypal invoice for the balance if you need to put it on your credit card.
  • Tuition balances can be paid via check in the mail, paypal or on arrival.  If you pay your balance when you arrive for class it MUST be cash, money order or certified checks.  No personal checks, when you arrive, will be accepted.  

Use the form below and pay via PayPal, or by sending a check or money order to:

Spiral Ridge Permaculture

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Class size is limited, so register early.  If you have any questions at all, shoot us an email at


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