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Spiral Ridge Permablitz

There is a lot happening with Spiral Ridge Permaculture in 2012.  Not only are we doing our best to implement best practices in regenerating our land, we are also facilitating a Nashville Permaculture Guild to be announced at the Nashville Permaculture Design Course at Trevecca University in June,  we are teaching and designing more,  and ...

Agroinnovations Podcast

Spiral Ridge Permaculture was honored to be interviewed by Frank Aragona of Agroinnovations Podcast.  Here is the link to the interview.  

Teacher Training 2012 with Dave Jacke and friends

What a great time!  I just finished a 9 day certificate course in Teaching Permaculture Creatively with Dave Jacke, Chris Jackson, and Kim Almeida.  The course was held at Kimberton Waldorf School in Kimberton, Pa.  28 of us gathered to learn how to ‘Teach what we are” .  The course was not only inspiring but ...

Startup Aims to Cut the Cost of Solar Cells in Half

Huntsville Backyard Mushroom Farming

We had another great day at The Huntsville Farmhouse teaching over 20 participants how to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms in their backyard.  Our day started with sharing information about mushrooms and permaculture.  After eating our lunch we started drilling, plugging and waxing our white oak logs.  We successfully inoculated 25 logs with shiitake and ...

Nashville Permaculture Design Course PDC 2012 1

The Nashville Permaculture Design Course 2012 Dates have changed June 1,2,3/9,10/16,17/22,23,24   Course Description Permaculture is a design system for ecological living, integrating plants, animals, buildings, people, and communities.  It offers a new paradigm for creating sustainable, productive, and beautiful human environments using natural ecosystems as models. Through experience and participation in classroom and on-location ...

Permaculture Design-Build Collaborative!

Read more at A Path Toward Harmony and Health At this time in history the delicate balance of Nature and Her systems are threatened, i.e. water, soil, air, forests and human habitat. We desperately need to promote care and understanding for the earth and all her creatures. Implementing the proper eco-skills does make a difference and will ...

Our new service

Soil Re-Mineralization/Fertility Management We know offer a complete soil regeneration service to all our clients.  From in depth soil analysis to application of living compost teas and soil re-mineralization,  we can regenerate the worst of soils.  Contact us for more information.   Please see our services page for more information.

Designing MMRF

The design process for the 7th annual Permaculture Design Course here at MMRF in the Toledo district of Belize started yesterday.  Our students self organized to form teams to fulfill the design projects.  Our 3 design projects include: a Butterfly House and Nursery,  a Multipurpose Building, and an Interpretive Edible Trail System.  Each team interviewed ...

Nashville Weekend PDC

June 1,2,3 & 8,9,10 & 15,16,17 & 22,23,24 Permaculture Design Certification Course 4 Weekend PDC at Trevecca Nazarene University Cliff Davis, Matt English, and friends Nashville, TN Sliding Scale: $950- $1150 paid by May 1st 900$ Deposit is 250$ contact Cliff or Jen to Register