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Bamboo Fodder Research 2

Today Kiran (our 10 year old son) and I decided to test the viability of dwarf  bamboo as a fodder crop.  Indocalamus longiauritus was our chosen species.  We cut our samples from a small nursery grove that we established as a mother for future plantings.  Our initial intention was to see if the goat would eat the bamboo.  We were surprised!

Not only did our goat start eating the bamboo right away, so did our American Guinea Hogs.  This is great news for our bamboo research because this particular bamboo has much ecological importance and can grow in the understory of trees.  It also has the advantage of being a perennial as well as a soil builder.  We will now start to experiment growing this species in our food forest understory.  We are happy to welcome Bamboo to agroforestry.

Bamboo Fodder Research Bamboo Fodder Research