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Backyard Permaculture: 4 Season Gardening

We gathered saturday to welcome the new growing season, build an affordable cold frame, and chat with new and old friends.  Our daily schedule was shifted due to bad weather.  So we decided to build the cold frame first thing.  We were determined to finish building the cold frame, place it in the landscape, fill it with good soil and plant seeds.  We did just that.

After lunch, with the cold frame planted, the rain started to come.  We shifted our focus and went inside to learn more about how to grow food all year.  Coffee and tea kept people in the mood and the treats filled our bellies as we learned the techniques and strategies of 4 season gardening.  By the end of the day we were all confident to go home and start our own 4 season garden system.  Thank you to all the wonderful participants and our hosts Michele Sneed and her son Andrew.

Our next course in the Backyard series will be on Backyard Mushroom Farming.  This course is always an information/action packed day.  Participants will not only learn about mushrooms they will participate in drilling and plugging mushroom logs.  Each participant will be able to bring a log home with them to grow.

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