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Backyard Mushroom Farming Course

Over the past couple of months we have been having a series of mini courses called The Backyard Permaculture Series.  Today we gathered at The Farm School in Summertown, Tn for the Backyard Mushroom Farming workshop.  Frank Michael of Mushroom People was there to lend a hand and sell books, spawn and other mushroom supplies.  Close to twenty people attended the course.  Everyone was very happy to have the hands on workshop integrated with basic information on mushrooms.  The Backyard Permaculture Series has been very successful in the design of the curriculum.  The majority of the people have left very satisfied and very empowered.  Thanks to everyone involved and we look forward to running year.

One layer cardboard, One layer sawdust, Some fruiting Oyster log and straw

Getting ready to drill.

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