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Want to know what we are all about?  Simple.   YOU.  We are here to help you acquire the resources you need to create your dream in your own backyard, farm or homestead.  A lot of great information can be found in books and on the web, but physically attending a course with practitioners, sharing real, first-hand experience, is invaluable.  Develop the skills and confidence you need to design and implement effective, resilient and practical solutions to some of the most pressing concerns of our time.  Ask the instructors the questions you need answered to achieve your goals.  Be part of a community of passionate, caring individuals all contributing, in some way, to the betterment of our society.  


We dream of a positive future in which our human needs are met while the environment is healed and protected.  We envision innovative, artistically crafted, functional landscapes that nourish and inspire it’s inhabitants and interact harmoniously with the natural world. A place where respect for the web of life and consideration for future generations guides our decisions and actions.  In this vision, health is restored, communities are more resilient, and greater self-reliance is the norm.


  • To manifest cultural repair through deep nature connection and nurturing that connection in others.
  • To establish healthy relationships in community for increased stability.
  • To  design functional ecosystems that are modeled after nature, conserve resources and increase abundance.
  • To develop and share tools that empower people to be creative and solution oriented.
  • To expand awareness of appropriate technology and encourage use of more ecological built environments.
  • To offer the most innovative courses, by practice based instructors, to accelerate the global adoption of environmentally sound, healthy and productive systems.

This is achieved, first and foremost, by living a lifestyle that is the embodiment of the ethics of permaculture: earth care, people care and fair share.  Spiral Ridge Permaculture is a family run business and a working homestead.  We are immersed in the systems we create by design.  We research and develop strategies that work.  We observe and interact with the landscape everyday, here on our homestead farm.  Rooted in that experience we continue to learn and grow.  That momentum coupled with our desire to pursue right livelihood, encouraged us to branch out and offer services to others by way of consultations and design work.  The fruits of our labor include the obvious yields that come from our gardens, food forests, water systems, and increased soil fertility, but an even deeper satisfaction comes from the knowledge that we are assisting in the manifestation of a world where we can all thrive.  We offer courses to create space where information is shared, new skills are learned and a sense of community and purpose can be found.  These are the seeds that will spread far and wide and turn our vision into reality.

Want to know more of our story of how we gained experience, started a family, a homestead, a business and set out to share it with the world? We thought so.  Everyone loves a good story.  So click on…
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