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You can learn Permaculture Design, Regenerative Farming and Homesteading Skills to improve your quality of life, create resiliency, care for the environment and have fun!

2016 course offerings…

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Looking for a way to be more self-reliant?
Want your land to be more productive and profitable?
Do you want to create resiliency for yourself, your family and your region?
Dismayed by the failing health of people, the earth and our communities?   Want to help heal and regenerate them?
You are in the right place.

Hi, we are Cliff Davis & Jennifer Albanese,cliff & Jen bio copy

We are the husband and wife team behind Spiral Ridge Permaculture,

where we help farmers and homesteaders DESIGN their dreams.

With over 25 years combined experience researching, and more importantly, applying regenerative practices, we know what it is like to seek out the most rewarding educational experiences and the most qualified designers to get your project off to a good start.  We have helped hundreds of students and clients achieve their goals, through good design.

Our educational programs, located in Middle Tennessee, are designed with you in mind.  Our instructors actively cultivate positive change and embody the ethics of people care, earth care and fair share. Our one-of-a-kind courses are for caring people, like you, committed to a  lifestyle beyond sustainability.  Connecting you to professional permaculture designers, innovative farmers and seasoned homesteaders, well-practiced in their fields, Spiral Ridge gives you what you need to help usher in an age of earth and culture repair.

These courses train you to develop the skills, acquire the knowledge and experience the empowerment needed, to meet your goals. The best practice methods are effective, practical, solution oriented and ready to be applied in your life and on the land that you steward.  If you are ready to take action and step onto a learning path that can change your life, check out our full list of courses on our Events Calendar or book us for an event in your area.  We offer the Permaculture Design Course 2-3 times per year and an Advanced Agro-Ecosystems course, which includes our annual permaculture earthworks course, each fall.  We also offer many short courses and workshops through the year.  If you want to dive a little deeper into the daily practice of living an agrarian centered life, our Applied Permaculture Practitioner Training (aka internship) might be right for you.

Some people would rather hire someone with vast experience and expertise to give them advice, suggestions, or create a master plan for their site.  Our, Edible Habitats Design Studio, has all the services needed to establish permaculture homesteads, regenerative farms, intentional community or “agri-hood” developments, ecological retreat centers, school campuses, and more.  Learn more about our design services and the design systems, practices and techniques we employ to help you design your project.

If you are local to our area (southern middle Tennessee), head over to our product pages to see the list of organic farming and gardening supplies.  We make special bulk orders for area growers/farmers to make available hard-to-find products for plants and animals.  We also have organic plant starts for sale each year at our free Permaculture Day Talk & Tour event in spring.

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Learn more about our company’s vision and mission by reading our About Spiral Ridge Page. We also invite you to get to know us better.  On the Cliff & Jennifer page we share our personal story: how we came to this lifestyle, our experiences, mentors and training.  We will also tell you about our site, the Spiral Ridge Permaculture Homestead, where most of our courses are held.

Thanks for checking us out.   Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We hope to we can be of service to you as you continue down this path of learning and living.