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Helping farmers and homesteaders DESIGN their dreams.

Spiral Ridge Permaculture

You can learn Permaculture Design and Regenerative Farming skills to improve your quality of life, create resiliency, care for the environment and have fun!
Looking for a way to be more self-reliant?
Want your land to be more productive and profitable?
Dismayed by the failing health of people, the earth and our communities?   Want to help heal and regenerate them?
Spiral Ridge Courses are designed with you in mind.  We scour the world to bring you instructors that are actively cultivating positive change and embodying the ethics of people care, earth care and fair share.  Our one-of-a-kind courses are for caring individuals, like you, committed to a  lifestyle beyond sustainability.  Connecting you to professional permaculture designers, innovative farmers and seasoned homesteaders, well practiced in their fields, Spiral Ridge gives you what you need to help usher in an age of earth and culture repair.
These courses train you to develop the skills, acquire the knowledge and experience the empowerment needed, to achieve your goals. These best practice methods are effective, practical, solution oriented and ready to be applied in your life and on the land that you steward.