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Spiral Ridge Permaculture

Spiral Ridge Permaculture was a training facility, design studio and a homestead that operated from 2009-2019.


  • To manifest cultural repair through deep nature connection and nurturing that connection in others.
  • To establish healthy relationships in community for increased stability.
  • To  design functional ecosystems that are modeled after nature, conserve resources and increase abundance.
  • To develop and share tools that empower people to be creative and solution oriented.
  • To expand awareness of appropriate technology and encourage use of more ecological built environments.
  • To offer the most innovative courses, by practice based instructors, to accelerate the global adoption of environmentally sound, healthy and productive systems.

We are Cliff Davis and Jennifer Albanese. Over 10 years we hosted hundreds of students, interns, and expert teachers in the fields of natural building, permaculture, regenerative design, mushroom cultivation, gardening, forest farming, holistic management and so much more.

We met so many wonderful people, many have become lifelong friends and mentors and we are grateful for the experience.  However, our heart’s desire had always been farming.  Initially, we did not have access to the land necessary, starting with 6 acres, most of it on a steep slope.  Over the years, we bought 3 surrounding pieces of land, and we finally had the opportunity to pursue farming.

In 2018, we started farming full time, under the name Pig & Leaf, and began weaning out the course offerings. We finally closed Spiral Ridge at the end of 2019, with our last Permaculture Design Course.  Although we do offer workshops from time to time under our farm, Pig & Leaf, they usually center on butchery and farming.  We no longer offer the Permaculture Design Course.

You can find our naturally grown produce, speciality cut flowers, craft pork and other products by clicking on our farm page Pig & Leaf.

Jennifer still mentors students in permaculture through the Permaculture Women’s Guild.  It is an online course, open to anyone, that is taught entirely by women.  Sign up and request Jennifer as your mentor.